Research Topics

As was bound to happen, the scope and nature of our study has changed since we started this tour. We’ve been looking at the implementation of the National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (posts) across various states. Education is another theme we have tried to study. More specifically, we have been trying to identify gaps in prevalent teaching methodologies and have tried to think about solutions for the same.

Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor Study

Update: This study suffered from a general lack of awareness about the project among the people we spoke to as the project is still in conceptualization mode. Most bureaucrats and politicians we met are upbeat about the prospect.

The DMIC is an ambitious project that is being developed by the government of India in conjunction with public and private institutions in Japan. We hope to study a variety of topics under this subject, including Japan’s interest in this project, the freight corridor’s economic/social impact on peripheral communities and potential obstacles in the development process.

Labor Migration Study

Update: We could not conduct this study as deeply as we would have liked to. What has held us in good stead is our penchant for striking conversation with everybody we have met while commuting and exploring various offices and factories. Thus, we have gathered satisfactory anecdotal evidence.

Our broad interest is farm to non-farm labor migration in rural India, and a sub-study under this topic involves short conversations with gas pump attendants at each of cities we visit. We intend to ask questions about the education levels between generations of their families, attendants’ future aspirations, their reasons for choosing their occupation, etc. We hope to gain some insight into the trends of labor movement in the second most populous country in the world.



  1. – How come you have’nt included wheat flour and rice in the basket of goods? Tea? kerosene?
    I am uncertain about a major variation in the coke price..what say?

    Comment by malay — July 28, 2009 @ 8:22 pm | Reply

    • Due to variation in consumption patterns of rice and wheat between north and south India, we decided to avoid both.
      In many parts of J&K, Coke is being sold for a price above the MRP.

      Comment by namanpugalia — August 6, 2009 @ 11:18 pm | Reply

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