November 19, 2009

Indore Chaat Trail

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As a continuation of our culinary interests during our travels, we could not resist indulging in the chaats of Sarafa bazaar, in Indore. A maze of crowded by-lanes where even two-wheelers have trouble navigating through, this is home to jewelery stores and traders by day and mouth watering street food by night. A lot of the vendors have even trade-marked their products, so as to build their own brand.

Below is a list of the delicacies we treated ourselves to:

1) Tikiya chole with typical Indori sev on top

Tikiya chole

2) Bhutte ka khees

Bhutte ka khees

3) Garadu (with chaat masala and limbu)


Our friendly companion on the street

Holy Cow

4) Saboodana khichdi


5) Gulab jamun

Gulab jamun

6) XL jalebis


7) Pav bhaji

8 ) Pani puri

9) Rasmalai


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