August 30, 2009

Science City and the Akshardham Temple

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Ahmedabad is decorated with signboards pointing to Science City, home of the Vibrant Gujarat campaign. Eager to see what all the fuss was about, we visited the uniquely positioned theme park. After marveling at the aesthetically pleasing infrastructure and energy/space exhibits, we were hit by an overshadowing observation- the place was dead. Though elaborately designed, the science hall consisted mainly of satellite images of India (think Google Earth), and the energy park’s main feature was a pond where one can squirt water onto a tiny dancer to make her swivel around (this was actually quite fun).

It is disappointing to see such a large-scale project going down the drain- especially one that can have enormous relevance today, with energy being such a hot topic. The infrastructural foundation is set and the hardest part is over. Now, to bring in the crowds it just needs to be made more exciting.

Space Hall at Science City

Space Hall at Science City

Pathway to the giant globe

Pathway to the giant globe

A few features that we believe would increase footfall are solar-powered bumper cars, science-themed mini golf, and a more educational demonstration of how hydro-power is generated.

It was interesting to see that the Akshardam temple was more happening than Science City. We entered to the sounds of screaming uncles and aunties who were catching a quick TORATORA ride before their afternoon prayer session. The water slides, although not fully-functional at the time, supplemented the 8-9 amusement park rides to create a bewildering cross between Six Flags and Swaminarayan worship. Refreshments are served at numerous stalls and the screening of Mystic India in the temple theater is worth catching if you have the time.


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  1. “a bewildering cross between Six Flags and Swaminarayan worship” – love this description

    Comment by Aviad — August 30, 2009 @ 7:43 am | Reply

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