August 20, 2009

Power to the Cyclists

Filed under: Delhi,Transport — loggers @ 12:37 am

Delhi roads are wider than most in India, with exclusive lanes for cars, buses and cyclists in certain areas. It was heartening to see two police officers guarding the bicycle path and redirecting unlawful motorcyclists to the motorists’ lane. This allowed school children and adults traveling for work/leisure to ride safely.

Marshals directing cyclists

Marshals directing cyclists in New Delhi

However, we were soon hit by an unpleasant reality when we saw the same motorcyclists trespass the boundary back onto the bike path after passing the police officers. We also noticed some not even slowing down under orders from the police, showing no regard for the law and risking injury. We were getting used to hearing the govt. being blamed for day-to-day problems. However, this was a case of the government trying to do the right thing and the people standing in the way. Not sure which is worse.


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