August 6, 2009

HRTC bus ride — Manali to Chandigarh

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At 8:30pm, just after our 17 hour car journey from Leh to Manali, we boarded a Himachal Road Transport Corporation bus for a 9 hour drive to Chandigarh. We paid INR 750 for seats 7, 8 and 9 (we were advised to stick to front seats to avoid motion sickness) but later realized that people were sitting wherever they wanted. Within the first 2 hours, the bus was full (70 men, 5 women) and we were forced to keep our bags on our laps because we didn’t want to place them on top of the bus.

While two loggers were cramped against each other, the third was stuck next to a highly inebriated and sleepy man who continued to breathe on him throughout the journey (despite being elbowed and scolded several times).

We arrived in Chandigarh at 5:30am and headed for the guest house where hot showers allowed us to look back at the 26 hour journey and smile.


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  1. Sounds like one heck of a voyage. I hope you all got to stretch out on real mattresses once you got to Chandigarh.

    It is fascinating to look up this part of the trip on google maps too. In order to, I presume, not irritate any national government, Google includes the claimed border lines for each country (India, Pakistan, China) and it is remarkable how divergent these are. It must be incredibly politically eye-opening to travel around there.

    Comment by Jamie VW — August 6, 2009 @ 10:30 am | Reply

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